New Website Helps Atlanta Consumers Find Delivery Options and Hours During COVID19

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Stephen Gladney, the co-founder and creator of this brand new website aimed at helping Atlantans find food options during COVID19. We discuss the concept in depth in the video below. Stephen realized that he was having trouble finding out which restaurants in his neighborhood were delivering and what their special hours were. So, he went to work to correct that problem.

Back in March Stephen joined a Facebook group I had created called ATL To-Go Food And Beer. It was apparent right away that Stephen wanted to help the Atlanta Restaurant industry the best way he new how. Though not a restaurant employee, Stephen does work closely with within the industry. He is co-founder of yet another company that aids restaurants by helping them consolidate all of their ordering apps onto one platform. That company is call OrderNerd. 

One of the very first posts on the ATL To-Go Food and Beer group was a post by Stephen saying that was offering that service to all restaurants for free right now. Weeks later he posted that he was creating a website to help people find delivery options in their neighborhoods. It was clear to me that Stephen really does have a soft spot of the Atlanta restaurant scene. It turns out that he developed that soft spot while working in sales for Scout Mob years ago. So, Stephen and  the ATL service industry go way back. 

Go check out the website when you can It really is very cool and very necessary right now. You can’t find this COVID19 specific information on any other site right now. It helps consumers as much as it help the restaurants list on the site. The coolest thing about it is that Stephen and his team are creating this site completely for free. Watch the video and tell me what you think below.