Selling and Buying, Part 1: Listing Your Home

I know there are a lot of families here in Atlanta who have outgrown their current home, but they haven’t upgraded to the next because they are afraid we won’t be able to find anything else on the market. 

The truth is that inventory is EXTREMELY low right now. We have talked about it this issue for the past year or so and so far it isn’t getting any better. As I’ve mentioned, most of that shortage is coming from builders inability to keep up with demand. But, this reluctance of sellers to list is also a major contributing factor. 

If you have outgrown your home, but you’re hesitant because you think you won’t find anything else on the market, I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. 

None of our clients have ever ended up homeless. We help home owners sell their current home and buy the next all the time. Through years of practice we have learned how to make this process extremely smooth for our clients. We also know how to spot possible speed bumps far in advance and course correct before anything affects the contracts. 

The first step in this process of selling and buying is to get your home listed. Many home owners in this market want to first go out and start home shopping before listing, which is an understandable misconception. However, home shopping before listing will only serve to raise anxiety around the entire process. New homes, that perfectly match your criteria hit the market every week. But, if you aren’t in a position to make an offer, you’ll just be left frustrated. 

One quick caveat here. Some home owners may be in a position to purchase their next home without having to sell. If that’s you, you’re in great shape in this market. However, MOST home owners are not in that position. 

So, the first thing we need to do is list. As you’ve heard from me and other agents, most homes are selling in the first weekend in this market. Now, that doesn’t mean that we can just throw any listing up on the market without preparation and it will sell. We still need to properly prepare your house before listing it on the MLS and showing it to potential buyers. 

When positioned properly your home will secure a buyer quickly. The great news is that you as the seller have an amazing amount of leverage in contract negotiation. We will use that leverage to get you the best terms and make the HOME BUYING side much more comfortable.  

Stay tuned next week for Part 2 where we discuss some of the contract negotiations we will implement the give you, the seller, more cushion and time during the home shopping phase.