Can You Trust The “Home Value” Letters You Receive In The Mail?

My family and I are also receiving these “home value” estimate letters in the mail every week. I’m not saying that your homes value isn’t somewhere in the range Opendoor or Offerpad gives you, or that they won’t buy your house for that amount. What I’m saying is, it’s always better to call a trusted real estate advisor that you know rather than responding to a letter in the mail.

The ranges that they state on these letters are an absolute joke also. Our letter said, “Your Home’s Value Is Between $475,000 and $581,000. Ummm, Ok thanks… I guess. Anyone can take a shot in the dark at guessing your homes value if they’re allowed to give it a $100,000+ swing.

But, why would you trust that kind of inaccurate estimate enough to give them a call? These corporations are sending out Millions of letters like this across the country. And when you call them you’ll be talking to a “customer service” rep who has no idea who you are and doesn’t care one bit whether or not you are able to get top dollar for your home.

So, I’ll say it again… Call someone you know. If you live in the Atlanta Georgia area, give my team, The Stanley Group a call. We are happy to review any offers with and give you a fair assessment of your home’s true value. If you live in another state, my team may still be able to help. 

As a Keller Williams team we have an extensive network of real estate agents throughout North America that we can refer you to. 

Call a Realtor before you respond to a letter in the mail!