Staying Positive During A Pandemic

It’s important to stay positive during this pandemic. As unfortunate and inconvenient as this current situation is, there are some positives. For one thing, a lot of us don’t have to sit in traffic for hours every day. So what are you going to do with that spare time?

So if you live here in Atlanta and you normally commute, you might have been spending two hours a day on the road every day. So what are you going to do with that extra time? There’s so many things that you can do with that time. For one, you can exercise, pick out a new workout routine and commit to it everyday for just one hour a day because you have the time. Pick out a new hobby. Think about how much you could learn on guitar with just one hour a day of practicing guitar. Read a book. One of those books that’s collecting dust on your shelf over there that you’ve been meaning to read for years. Pick one out and commit to reading for just one hour a day, every day. Or, you know, if you have a family, commit to just spending one hour a day with the whole family doing a family activity. It doesn’t matter. It’s your time. Just have fun doing it and spending that extra time.

3 Fun Ways To Stay Connected While Sheltering In Place

If you’re getting bored sheltering in place, here are three fun ways to stay connected.

  1. Share an experience. You can order food from the same restaurant as a family member or friend. And then when the food arrives, share that meal through a zoom call. Or if you’re into shopping, you can order clothes from the same retailer and then when the clothes arrived, do you like a virtual fashion show.
  2. Host a virtual game night. There are a lot of online platforms you can do this with, Jackbox and trivia maker or you can just like play Taboo or Pictionary via FaceTime or zoom call.
  3. Do a virtual book club. My wife gave me this idea. I thought it was really cool. Pick a book to read with a group and then get together once a week through zoom and discuss that book.

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